Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wine + Food = Perfect Combination

Drinking wine after meal is one of the few indulgence that I truly enjoy. Not only does wine help your body's metabolism it also help you relax, thus, relieving stress.

This is the kind of indulgence that lots of people want and at the same time are having difficulty in choosing the right kind of wine that would greatly compliment their meals.

A predicament that I sometimes encounter because drinking the same type of wine over and over again tends to lessen the satisfaction. Also, as mentioned earlier, there are some wine that would compliment greatly to certain types of food.

My own personal experience in this subject would be red wine and fish. Red wine enhances any kind of fish dish. I have read from an article somewhere on the internet that the reason for that is because of the chemicals found on red wine. I won't bother you with the details because it would only confuse me more that those of you reading this. Another type of food that is perfect for red wine is pasta. Pasta and red wine, just like the way the Italians love it.

Anyways, I'll post more on "what type of kind that goes great to what type of food" in the future. All this discussion of food is making me hungry (and thirsty).


  1. wow! im craving for fish right now...
    i agree with you sis wines are good for your health ^_^

  2. Someone told me that red wine goes well with red meat while white wine goes well with white meat, which includes fish. However it is, there's nothing like having a glass of wine after a hearty dinner.

  3. sorry, it is during a hearty dinner, not after...

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