Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interesting Coffee Facts That You Should Know

For me having a cup of coffee in the morning is one good way to start my day. A day without the needed jolt would leave me drained before lunchtime.

Other than being a stimulant, there's more on your regular cup than you realize. As a matter of fact, there are lots of coffee facts that most people do not know.

Here's a good example... Did you know that early East African tribes mix coffee with animal fats to make an energy food. They consume these large primitive power bar before they go and raid other tribes.

Here's another interesting coffee fact... The Arabs were responsible for introducing Coffee to Europe. In the early years, the Arabs were the only ones who knew the secret workings of coffee. They like to travel and they traveled a lot. And when they did travel, they bring along coffee with them. As time passed by, coffee was slowly revealed to the rest of the world.

However, they were not the only one responsible for revealing the wondrous effects of coffee. The Turks have their share in letting Europeans experience the stimulating effects of coffe. And from then on, when European traders came to this exotic locale, they learned much more of coffee; which in turn shared the news wherever they went.

The rise of the Dutch colony Set up or lay the groundwork for the first European coffee estate -- the island of Java, which was then a Dutch colony (now a part of Indonesia). Now coffee is known all over the world as a precious commodity.


  1. I love coffee, I love the taste, the stimulant effect and the fact that it is actually good for you in moderation. Great post!